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Ariselu are an integral part of all festivities in Telangana and Andhra Pradesh. It has an interesting taste and a soft leathery texture which melts away in your mouth like butter. You can find these at a Telegu household at any time of the year. Ariselu are also famous in other states like Odisha, Tamil Nadu, Karnataka, Maharashtra and Kerala. They are known as Adhirasam in Tamil, Kajjaaya in Kannada and Anarsa in Marathi.

Usually, ariselu are made during Sankranti, from the first harvest of rice. You probably remember the hustle and bustle in your home whenever Sankranti arrived. All the members of the family can be seen indulging in the process of making ariselu. One can be seen mixing the dough while the other rolling it. Of course, you will also be able to see hungry kids just returning from their kite flying session to get a taste of freshly made ariselu.

The main ingredients that go into the making of ariselu is soaked rice, jaggery, cardamom and of course ghee or clarified butter. Rice flour is generally made from the wet rice. Jaggery is then melted and infused with cardamom. Then it is mixed into the flour to make a dough. Soon after that, it is rolled into palm sized circles that resemble tiny rotis. Usually at this time, these flattened out dough balls are dipped into sesame seeds to give texture. Then they are deep fried in hot ghee until they are brownish in color. Roll the dough too thin or fry too much and you have a complete disaster in front of you. The process of making ghee ariselu may sound simple but the techniques involved take several years of expertise to master.


Desiauthentic Ghee Ariselu

Combined with jaggery, rice and ghee, ariselu are also extremely beneficial to your health. Packed with iron and other minerals such as selenium, etc., they are a healthy snack option that you can munch on at any time. Since they have a long shelf-life, they can be stored for a long period of time.

At DesiAuthentic, the ingredients that are put into your ghee ariselu are locally sourced, fresh and organic. This helps you reap the maximum amount of health benefits that you can receive from our ariselu.  No preservatives or artificial colors are added which retains flavor and freshness. Eat ariselu as a movie time snack, festival preparation or just about any time that you prefer. We assure you that you will bring back some of your lost childhood munching on these goodies.

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