How to Consume Non-Veg Pickles?

How to Consume Non-Veg Pickles?

India is a land of pickles. Pickles are a staple with every Indian dish and are considered to be an essential condiment with both North Indian and South Indian dishes. From lemon pickle to mango pickle, ginger, garlic, chili, and vegetable pickles, you name it, and you can find it in India. In fact, different regions of India pickle fruits and vegetables differently according to their own centuries-old traditions and recipes passed down from ancestors.

That said, non-veg pickles are not that common in North India but are very prevalent in the southern part of the country. Households that frequently eat meat always have a non-veg pickle to go with their meals. It can be consumed with a variety of bread, such as rotis or even rice. This is because pickles add a nice zing to food and take our culinary experience to the next level. That said, the consumption of pickles must be in moderation as an excess of this delicacy can lead to bloating, high blood pressure, and much more.

What Kind of Non-Veg Pickles Exist?

For centuries, the Indian traditional knowledge and recipes for making pickles have been passed on from one generation to the next. Most Indians cook without a standard recipe and add ingredients as per their choice and estimates. This is also probably why most conventional Indian dishes don’t come with standard recipes that have precise measurements. Everyone has their own version that they love.

Talking about non-veg pickles, several North-Eastern states make meat pickles. Pork pickle, for instance, is an absolute favorite. People belonging to Coorg in Karnataka adore eating pork. Hence, they make traditional pork pickles. In earlier times, boar hunting was quite prevalent in the region due to its thickly forested area. Therefore, people would pickle boar since it was found in abundance. However, now, pickling pork is not as common in the region. 

In regions where the consumption of beef is legal, people eat beef pickles as well as chicken, fish, prawns, and mutton pickles aplenty. It is an integral part of the tradition of many South Indian families. For instance, beef pickles are a delicacy in Kerala. 

What Should You Keep In Mind While Preparing Non-Veg Pickles?

When making non-veg pickles, the first thing to keep in mind is never to use iodized salt in them. You must always use sea salt as it enhances the flavor profile of pickles and also increases their shelf life. In addition to that, all the spices you use for pickling must be properly roasted first on a slow flame at just the right temperature to get the best possible taste.

Final words

As is evident, India has a long legacy of pickles, and meat lovers do not have to feel left out, thanks to the amazing variety of non-veg pickles in the market today. In fact, most meat lovers have their own succulent non-vegetarian variants of pickles that they love. If you love pickles but are not too keen on making them yourself, can make you salivate with their assortment of homemade non-veg pickles. From boneless chicken pickle to prawn pickle and mutton pickle, you name it, you can find it on our website. Order now and satisfy your cravings for some irresistible non-veg pickles to eat with your meals!
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