If you’ve heard this name for the first time – NO! We are not talking about poo or poop. ‘Pootharekulu’ as it is called in its birthland is a unique delicacy that is adored by millions of people. We are...
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Indian Homemade Sweets & Snacks
Indians are foodists by nature. Like the nation, the food too is diverse across the corners. While there are certainly several different types of curries, breads and dals across the nation, there are also different types of snacks and sweets...
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Pedda Kaja/Tapeswaram Kaja
The different states in India have their own signature sweets. Owing to the diversity that flourishes in each region alike, almost every region in India celebrates a culture of their own. Pedda Kaja or the Tapeswaram Kaja are two such...
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