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Where to buy Fish/Koramenu Pickle in USA?

Have you ever heard of the mighty Koramenu? It is known as Bullseye snakehead fish or koramenu/karimeen locally. It is a speciality fish that is adored by lovers of non-vegetarian food. It is in great demand all throughout the year due to its distinctive properties. It costs twice that of chicken and at times you can see serpentine lines just to purchase this fish right out of the water. From kids to adults and even the elders enjoy this fish dearly due to its exceptional flavor as compared to other fresh water fishes.

One of the distinctive properties of this fish is the absence of bones. Usually rohu, catla or other freshwater fish are abundant with tiny bones that it makes it a challenge to consume them in a curry, pickle or roast. The koramenu contains slightly lesser number of bones making it safe and easy to consume. Like most Indian food, the korameenu too has its heritage. Offering the koramenu curry to guests is considered an honor in many parts of Andhra Pradesh. Steaming hot koramenu curry cooked with tamarind and other spices served over a bed of hot fluffy rice sided with crispy papad is a combination to die for.

Before you start thinking about making the koramenu curry next weekend, take a look at the latest offering from DesiAuthentic, the Koramenu Pickle. It is our attempt at being able to taste the awesome koramenu flavor at any time of the day without having the hassle to cook it. We raise the bar high by providing you the most authentic taste of Andhra’s coastal style koramenu fish curry in a jar. And being Desi ourselves, we know the innate need that you possess – the urge to taste home.

Whether you’re a businessman handling clients all day or an entrepreneur managing your company or a student working arithmetic in your university, you do want to taste a bit of home once you return to your apartment in the night. What better way to do that if not by gorging on some koramenu pickles? Eat koramenu fish pickle on a bed of steaming hot rice, soft rotis, dosas, naan and everything else that you may fancy.

There is always something homely about native flavors. This is why we source our pickles from organic ingredients and from mothers, aunts and grandmothers who have perfected this recipe throughout their life. We understand the significance of fresh ingredients and high-quality produce which is why only hand-picked ingredients go into the making of koramenu pickle. The koramenu pickle is free from any kind of preservatives or colors to ensure that every bit of flavor is retained.

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