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Andhra Sweets Online in USA

The gifting season is right around the corner. With houses being decorated in glittery diyas, candles, candle decorations, rangoli and more, the festive energy is all over us. It is the time when we meet and greet our relatives, send wishes and celebrate in utmost glee. While all decorations are one thing, the food preparations are another.

The essence of any festival, celebration or get together lies in food and especially sweets. With the countdown beginning to usher in the festival, we have brought you an abundant number of traditional Andhra sweets that have been perfectly homemade for the upcoming season. Stocked with all your favourite traditional Andhra sweets like Pootharekulu, Kakinada Kaja, Ariselu, Sunnundalu, Boorelu and other specialities, we are all set to spruce up your festivities.

Whether you’re planning an intimate family gathering or planning to make the day grand by inviting your entire neighbourhood, these speciality Andhra sweets are a great way to add a little joy and nostalgia to your event. You can impress your family and friends with customised packaging, gift wrapping and the unbeatable taste and flavour of homemade Desi Ghee.

Andhra Sweets Online in USA - Desiauthentic

You can also try our healthy options such as Bellam Pootharekulu, Korralu Laddu, Arikelu Laddu, and other innovative sweets made using millets and other superfoods. With sugar free options, you can ensure that everyone gets a taste of auspiciousness in your celebration and keep the happiness quotient spilling over the edge.

As you get prepared to reinforce values, long lost relationships, traditions, cultures, love and laughter, a lavish spread of feasts is sure to keep the celebration soaring. Making sure that the flavour of your childhood remains intact, we have put our in-house traditional cooks to work and made sure that you get to taste some of the best preparations from DesiAuthentic.  

Bring to your table, the richness of Andhra heritage and the depth of local Andhra cuisine with DesiAuthentic’s special Andhra Sweets made from locally sourced organic ingredients and prepared by cooks with several decades of experience.

Put an end to junk food and preservative-laden store bought sweets for great food that is made with love and passion. Together with the goodness of health and an expertise that transcends the advent of time itself.

Join us today. Order traditional Andhra Sweets Online at DesiAuthentic:

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