Delicious Breakfast Chutney Powders

Delicious Breakfast Chutney Powders

South Indian food is all about experimenting with new and unique flavour combinations in various textures to enhance every single detail in the food that you experience. Chutney powder, also known as ‘gunpowder’ is a famous side dish that completes a true south Indian breakfast.

Made with lentils, coconut and an assembly of carefully blended spices, chutney powders come in various flavours and varying levels of spiciness. These powders can be found in south Indian homes and go well with any South Indian dish.

DesiAuthentic brings to you exclusive chutney powders from Tamil Nadu, Andhra Pradesh and Telangana. They are specially blended powders characterised by the traditional flavours of coconut, asafoetida, aromatic spices, lentils, chillies, tamarind coupled with the goodness of jaggery and even some secret recipe mystery.

If you are Indian living in the USA, it will come as a lifesaver to you for it packs all the nostalgia of your childhood. It’s packed with a punch of distinct flavours and nutrition. A few spoonful of chutney powder mixed into piping hot rice drenched in desi ghee or just some chutney powder sprinkled on top of hot buttered toast and straight onto your taste buds. YUM! Sometimes, all one can do is leave things aside and enjoy food to the fullest.

A staple condiment

To some, specially blended chutney powders are a much loved staple. It is a common scenario in most South Indian households to add chutney powder into all kinds of foods. Originally meant to go with breakfast foods such as idli or dosa, chutney powders are often enjoyed with all kinds of Indian and continental foods such as roti, naan, upma, sandwiches, burritos and more.

Being an intrinsic part of South Indian cuisine, chutney powders offer a medley of spices and flavour whose experience is similar to a select few dishes around the world. Nothing hardly matches to eating this delectable powder with hot desi ghee, rolling it in a chapati or mixing into hot rice.

 Beyond flavours

Catering to innumerable customers in India and abroad, we at DesiAuthentic have gone too close to understanding what our customers need and have perfected ourselves in providing them exactly that. To win hearts beyond tastebuds, we have come up with only the choicest of all ingredients ensuring that you are able to reap the most nutrition out of our chutney powders. Since you will most likely consume these chutney powders everyday (or at least we would like to believe so), we have made sure that there is a perfect balance between taste and health.

Check out some of our best seller chutney powders that can instantly ramp up any dish from ‘uh’ to ‘uhhh-mazing’:

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