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Desiauthentic - Authentic Indian Crafts & Foods

Desiauthentic - Authentic Indian Crafts & Foods

A land full of artisans, cultural curators and talented individuals, India, where a philanthropic individual like Mr. Ram Vemireddy has created a niche in the handicrafts and clothing industry by bringing rural talent to the forefront. Mr. Ram’s grand vision for the hand workers and crafters of rural India led to the formation of Desiauthentic, an online eCommerce platform where such artists can sell their products without the hassles of middlemen. Desiauthentic is a marketplace where Indian heritage from remote areas finds a platform to showcase its beauty and skilled but deprived workers find a place to sell their worthy creations without losing commission to middlemen.

Desiauthentic has helped artists from remote villages in India in bringing their talent and their products to the limelight and with this mighty and noble initiative of Mr. Ram, Indian heritage and culture have found a renewed beacon of hope. Hailing from a small village himself, Mr. Ram understands the situation of these workers and is well versed with his roots and their conditions; which is what has driven him to create Desiauthentic. Mr. Ram aspires to take this Indian talent to every corner of the world and give these workers a global selling market to increase their profits and bring them the appreciation they truly deserve.

Through Desiauthentic, Mr. Ram has built an empire that serves humanity as well as promotes the richness and authenticity of Indian handicrafts and Indian creativity. His benevolence and intellect have taken the rural community of artisans to greater heights and given them the returns they deserve. With no middlemen, no commissions and no hassles in selling their products, these workers have found a renewed sense of passion and ambition through Mr. Ram’s platform. He is the brain behind Desiauthentic and has commenced a new legacy which will take Indian talent to international levels and gain them the well-deserved recognition they had been longing for.

Mr. Ram has immense experience in the Information Security industry and has worked with various multinational companies such as VeriSign, Symantec, and Intuitive Surgical. He has even spread his wings in the automobile industry with manufacturing, sales, and distribution of pollution-free, battery-operated electric vehicles. His humility and love for humanity reflect in every endeavour he has undertaken so far. He is a social well-wisher and aspires to create a world of equal opportunities where every individual has the means to thrive and blossom. A spiritual soul with the desire to help the society, Mr. Ram Vemireddy is a name that will resonate in the Indian soil for decades to come.

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