Engaging Story Books for Children

Engaging Story Books for Children

Stories not only play a vital role in the emotional growth of a child but also help develop language, skills and personality. They are a good source of information and children who read are known to have a higher level of confidence compared to those that don’t.  

More often than not, children look at story books and narrate their learning to you and their friends making them natural orators and visual thinkers. The earlier you introduce books into your child’s life, the more skills he will learn through his life. 

Why does your child need books?

Books are interactive tools. They speak to your kids in ways that you cannot imagine. 

They make your child process thought beyond the boundaries of his mind. They expand their universe beyond time and place.

They develop their language skills and expand their vocabularies. 

They also offer an unfathomable amount of knowledge, skill, confidence, information, experience, fun and teaching that simply cannot be put into mere sentences. 

Engaging Story Books for Children

At DesiAuthentic, we believe that the written word is the greatest human invention. And in written word we introduce – The most interactive story book collection for your kids to spark their imagination and introduce new ideas into their worlds. 

We have a collection of fictional, non-fictional, fantasy, mystery, mythical and comedy book collections for kids all the way from 1 to 8 years of age.  They provide vital support for the growth and development of your child’s intellect. The ambience of our collection is perfect for learning emotional aspects without burdening your child too much. They are printed in simple language making it easy for them to learn and grasp things faster. 

These story books will also help you connect with your child better. Your child bothering you? Read them their favourite story from the book. It establishes a teaching environment where your child will learn to apply focus. It will also make them feel loved, heard, understood and cared for. 

Some of our bestsellers include: 

20 in 1 The Best of Panchatantra Tales: https://www.desiauthentic.com/collections/kids-story-books/products/20-in-1-the-best-of-panchatantra-tales-1 

151 Akbar Birbal Stories: https://www.desiauthentic.com/collections/kids-story-books/products/151-akbar-birbal-stories 

20 in 1 Evergreen Tales of Tenali Raman: https://www.desiauthentic.com/collections/kids-story-books/products/20-in-1-evergreen-tales-of-tenali-raman 

151 Jataka Tales: https://www.desiauthentic.com/collections/kids-story-books/products/151-jataka-tales 

151 Stories of Arabian Nights: https://www.desiauthentic.com/collections/kids-story-books/products/151-stories-of-arabian-nights 

DesiAuthentic’s children’s books library is an ever-growing delight-house made for you and your child with a wide variety of story books. Like the saying goes ‘A small collection of thoughtfully stocked books is better than a large one that goes unread’, ours is one that will be read multiple times, helping you create multiple memories. Order your favourite book today!

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