How are you making use of this quarantine time?

How are you making use of this quarantine time?

Hello Desiauthentic Family,

How are you doing? We hope that you are keeping safe in these times of crisis.

During this lockdown, we are following all government recommendations and regulations designed to protect ourselves and our employees. We are spending our time in reflection. We are taking time to stop and introspect. Is this what we aim to achieve? How would we be able to serve you better? Should we do things any differently? Where would we like to be five years from now? We are also hoping to be back soon. In full form and fledge.

Desiauthentic Covid 19 Blog

Our virtue of business has always lied in the paths of empathy and compassion – towards you and our employees. At this unprecedented time of vulnerability, we are taking every step necessary to live up to the same. We believe that the fight for this unparalleled global outbreak requires indistinguishable efforts from each and every one of us. We are constantly keeping ourselves informed of the global situation of the outbreak to minimize/curb the spread of COVID-19.

On the brighter side, this lockdown has enabled us to involve in all our guilty pleasures. We’ve been able to sleep for as long as possible, read some good books, eat our fill and even exercise a bit. If fate wills, most of us would like to continue working from the comfort of our homes. The delicious homemade food, the coziness of our bed and most importantly, the comfort of doing whatever we want and whenever we want feels all the way more amazing. However, much to our pride, we would like to believe that you cannot resist to feast on our amazing pickles and sweets. We want to get back to work as soon as possible. Now, we are getting a little spoiled, aren’t we?

Meanwhile, this pandemic has also made us realize the importance of togetherness and the heights we can achieve when fought together.  We have understood the importance of kindness, love, and affection. Hence, we wanted to take a moment to thank each and every one of you for your dedicated faith in us and our products. Your role as customers plays an irreplaceable role in the success of our business. We look forward to having you as our customers, again, at the earliest.

Desiauthentic Covid19 Blog

For those of you infected with coronavirus, we wish you a healthy and speedy recovery. For all the others, we urge you to continue your battle against the wraith of this far-spread virus. We urge you to not only keep away from one another but also panic and fear.

We hope that you have a ‘not-so-boring’ (pun intended) lockdown. We promise to resume shipping at the time most ideal for the safety of yours and our employees.

Stay strong, stay safe, stay vigilant and most importantly, stay home!

--Team Desiauthentic

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