Importance of Sweets for Diwali |

Importance of Sweets for Diwali

Phrases like ‘muh meetha kijiye’ or ‘kuch meetha ho jaaye’ are ever so famous in India. They translate to ‘sweeten one’s mouth’ and ‘let’s have some sweet’ in Hindi. These phrases can be heard in India at any time of the year. Any auspicious occasion including a festival, birth of a child, buying a new vehicle or appliance to fixing a wedding or sometimes even going out to write an exam, sweets are always contemporary. A part of Indian life is coherent with having sweets as a major part of day to day activities.

Now when it comes to a blockbuster and bombastic festival like Diwali, there is absolutely no way that the festival can pass without having sweet delicacies. In fact, households start preparing the sweets as early as ten days before the festival. Surprising, isn’t it?

Well, not really. The offering of sweets in India has always held greater definitions than simple offering. Sweets are a trademark of joy, happiness and most importantly a token of love to fellow beings. By offering sweets, Indians express gratitude, respect and acknowledge the presence of others in their life. It is a method of conveying to others that ‘they matter’.

During Diwali, the mere reason for distributing, making or eating sweets is the plain idea of celebration. Let’s agree, we are all soulfully connected to the indulgence of sweet that there is hardly anyone with any dislike against sweets. The actual reason behind the celebration of Diwali, however, is to commemorate the return of Lord Rama with his wife Sita and brother Laxman after a legendary victory over demon king Ravana. Metaphorically, the prodigious return of Lord Rama symbolizes the dawn of happiness after a long period of despair. It is the triumph of good over evil, light over darkness, right over wrong. Cleaning and decorating of houses, the poojas, bursting of crackers and most importantly distributing sweets is a miniscule attempt to celebrate this legendary chronicle by spreading happiness amongst one another.

There are hundreds of varieties of sweets and snacks that are made during Diwali. Families, neighbors, colonies, towns, cities, states and the entire country joins together in preparing these sweets and celebrating this festival. And the one significant object that binds them together is the diversity in each of these sweets prepared in different regions. A simple act of love in the form of distributing sweets transcends the diversity of the entire country. In hindsight, that defines the importance of sweets and the festival of Diwali in India.

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Happy Diwali!

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