Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Products

Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Products

One of India’s greatest contributions to the world is Ayurveda. Touted to have appeared between 2500 and 500 BC in India, the literal meaning of Ayurveda is ‘science of life’. The science offers multiple scriptures that elaborate a complete system to live a long and healthy life.

Ayurvedic scriptures also offer several treatment methods and programs to cure diseases ranging all the way from food allergies to diabetes and even heart disease. The essence of Ayurveda lies in holistic wellness to ‘prevent’ illness rather than ‘fight’ disease.

Ayurveda in India is given an importance equal to that of modern medical care. There are state-recognized accolades presented to practitioners of Ayurveda. There are also institutionalized training centers that focus on teaching Ayurveda.

Food is the key component of Ayurveda. You will find that Ayurvedic practitioners suggest people to use medicinal ‘aushadis’ in order to fight an ailment. These ‘aushadis’ are either medicinal plants or other naturally occurring products whose benefits and uses have been mentioned in the Ayurvedic scriptures. Sometimes, it could be a mixture of one or more different plants and substances. The medicinal herbs and plants are prescribed such that there is an interconnectedness in-between your body, mind and the environment.

Indian Ayurvedic Herbal Products

Several studies have verified the usage of ayurvedic herbs in the treatment of multiple ailments. They have been time and again known to contain substances that are directly linked to the healing of a certain disease.

Based on the bulk of modern research, Ayurveda has been proven to be a legitimate method of tackling health and disease. In fact, reports suggest that about 60% of the world’s population indulges in alternative medicine like Ayurveda.

In an attempt to spread health and happiness, DesiAuthentic brings you Ayurvedic Herbal products that will help you solve your everyday issues. You can include these products in your daily life to balance all the doshas (vata, pitha, kapha) and promote good health.

There are different products for you that you may either consume or use in other forms. Some of our popular products include ashwaghandhadi lehyam, tulasi powder, saraswati powder, shonti (dry ginger) powder, etc. There are different benefits to these products and are applied/consumed in a different way. For example, you can use amla powder as an ingredient in your hair/face mask and even consume it in a glass of warm water. Make sure to read labels before you plan on using any product.

Modern ways of living and the busy lifestyles that we lead means that we are suffering from over-processed organs that are constantly stressed. The food we consume, the water we drink and the air we breathe are evidently polluted with chemicals and other hazardous materials. Ayurvedic remedies are a natural way of rejuvenating our organs while promoting good health.

Sometimes it only seems rational to say goodbye to all the chemical laden foods and present yourself to the abode of nature. In hindsight, Ayurveda does exactly that.

At DesiAuthentic, all our herbal products are made from the highest quality of natural ingredients that are untouched by hand at all levels. Our Ayurvedic herbal products contain medicinal herbs, natural ingredients and organic materials. They are developed in consultation with practicing doctors of Ayurveda.

Our products are aimed at promoting good health and are 100% nutraceutical. We have products for all kinds of illnesses from immune strengthening to skincare, haircare, stress relief, sugar control, fighting allergies, etc.

If you have any underlying conditions, we recommend you to consult your doctor before trying Ayurvedic products. Read the labels carefully before placing an order.

Explore our range of Ayurvedic Herbal Products here:

All the herbal products listed above are certified safe to use except in cases of allergy. Make sure to perform an allergy test before you consume any of these products.

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