Indian Homemade Sweets & Snacks

Indian Homemade Sweets & Snacks

Indians are foodists by nature. Like the nation, the food too is diverse across the corners. While there are certainly several different types of curries, breads and dals across the nation, there are also different types of snacks and sweets that complement each region.

One can find a snack for every occasion and any time of the day. For the perfect tea time crunching, scrumptious work-day bites or assorted party platters, there are a huge number of sweets and snacks in the Indian cuisine that will keep your satiety levels in check.

Snacks and sweets in India also carry a traditional heritage with them and are usually the most preferred gifts during festivals and occasions. They are not only tasty treats but also an offering of goodwill amongst families.

100% homemade

The best part about the snacks and sweets at Desiauthentic is that they are made at home while following the strictest quality standards. Our snacks and sweets are sourced directly from entrepreneurs and especially women creating their masterpieces from home. Only local ingredients that are handpicked go into the making of these delicacies. There is nothing better than treating yourself with healthy homemade snacks while watching your favorite show on Netflix.

Wide assortment of food

Popcorn is probably the ultimate snack for movie time. But let’s agree, popcorn is boring! The same buttery saltiness can at times be incredibly monotonous. Why stick to plain corn when you can shake things up with homemade Indian sweets and snacks? You can find a wide assortment of Indian sweets and snacks at Desiauthentic which are each creative to their own standard. Give your tastebuds a new ride this winter.

Some of the most popular sweets and snacks at Desiauthentic are pootharekulu, sunnundalu, murukulu, pedda kaja and so on. There is not one taste, texture and consistency but several different tastes and textures that complement each other delightfully.

Super healthy

With obesity and other diseases on the rise globally, it goes without saying that one needs to follow healthier food options. Most sweets and snacks at Desiauthentic contain nutrient rich foods like jaggery, carrom seeds, dry fruits, urad dal, sesame seeds, 100% desi ghee and much more. They are known sources of iron, protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates.

Affordable prices

Our food is sourced directly from entrepreneurs that are well known for their experience in preparing Indian sweets and snacks. Then, it is shipped directly to your doorstep. That’s it! This enables us to provide you nutrient rich food that is both tasty and affordable.

You simply cannot go wrong with Indian snacks and sweets for any time of the day or year. There are perfect options for every occasion and activity. Don’t be tempted to buy snacks at your regular store ever again. Indulge in the finest Indian snacks and sweets at Desiauthentic. Visit to order. Happy snacking!

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