Indian Homemade Vadiyalu

Indian Homemade Vadiyalu

Vadiyalu (fryums) are side dishes that can transform any boring dish to quite flavorful. No, we are not talking about potato chips or Cheetos. We are talking about what we Indians have been snacking on since childhood, our good old fryums.

Throughout the country, there are different names given to these fryums. Popularly known as vadiyalu, vadi, badi, wadi, etc… they are a vital part of a complete Indian meal. Now we agree that dal rice is awesome on its own. But have you ever thought of taking dal rice to the next level? Side it with some homemade Indian vadiyalu (fryums). A side dish for your rasam? Curd rice? You got it. With the several different types of fryums, there is something for everyone to relish.

Traditional Indian snack food, the ‘papad’ or poppadom is world famous for the innumerable combinations you can make with it. There are many more such unique side dishes in every state across India. Biyyam (rice) vadiyalu, Saggu biyyam (sago) vadiyalu, Minapa (urad dal) vadiyalu are some of the popular fryums in Indian cuisine. Also, we have all pretended to have fryum fingers with those colorful tube fryums in our childhood.

Most fryums in India are traditionally prepared; usually from a recipe that is handed down from grandmothers, great grandmothers and the like. They are flavored, sun-dried, deep fried, crispy, crunchy, unique and versatile side dishes that take your tastebuds on a ride. While it is one thing that fryums can make your regular dishes a whole lot flavorful, they can also be a part of your inconspicuous snacking. A bowl of some fryums while watching a movie or binge-watching your favorite show can be great fun. As a matter of fact, you can find a number of healthy options amongst traditional Indian homemade vadiyalu. Not only are they delicious, they also come with numerous health benefits. It is a combination that is rare to find these days.

Homemade Indian Vadiyalu

For example, papads are good digestives. Other fryums include rice flour, urad dal, chickpea, sago seeds, etc. which are good sources of protein and fiber. Also, most vadiyalu are gluten free and preservative free. A legend says that our forefathers included papads and other fryums in Indian cuisine as a superfood that promoted good digestion. In other words, these are completely healthy snacks that can be a part of your munching at any time of the day. They are also great for dealing with those food cravings that you may have in the middle of the day or the middle of the night.

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Happy snacking!

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