Indian Pooja Items Online

Indian Pooja Items Online

Indian life is synonymous with unique traditions, customs, poojas and a vivid culture. India is full of festivals, festivities and festive proceedings. A distinctive religious aspect is bound to every custom and festival. There is a religious proceeding for an amassing number of people following a different tradition of their own.

DesiAuthentic aims to bridge the gap in between such devotees and their devotion to God. We provide a wide assortment of Pooja items and samagri so that you can carry out your pooja in reverence.

Festivals, ventures, greetings, life-events, purchases and so on… no occasion is complete without the chanting of mantras and performing a little bit of pooja. Our range of pooja items is organized to equip you with all kinds of pooja requirements.

Our beloved patrons, allow us to extend our benevolence towards all your woes associated to offering your devotion to God. We bring to you an authentic range of rudraksha malas, gems, doll sets, idols and other rosaries.

To make things easier for you, we also have a range of pooja kits that have been put together by our expert team of professionals. We have kits for Gruhapravesam (house-warming), Satya Narayana Vratham Puja Samagri Kit, Deepavali Puja, 108 Deepa Laxmi Pooja Samagri Kit and even a Ayyappa Pooja Set. Each of this

Worshipping your deity brings you and your family members all kinds of peace and tranquillity. It brings your inner self a sense or purity and intellect. While you perform your daily pooja, your body, mind and conscience need to be aligned to and focussed on only one thing – your deity. A pooja idol will help you do just that, as you recite and chant your prayer in complete faith and reverence.

Indian Pooja Items

If you have a pooja room already, our intricately crafted idols and other products will blend seamlessly, giving you a well studded pooja room that is apt for any kind of pooja and occasion. Be it your Nitya pooja, Ayudha pooja, Navratri pooja, or simply your daily ritual of prayer, our craftmanship will support all your offerings and dreams. If you are just building a pooja room for yourself, you have an option to choose from a wide assortment of pooja samagri that will accentuate your inherent feelings for God and bring out the inner enlightenment that you seek.

All the pooja items that are listed on DesiAuthentic have been curated by pujaris or priests who have studied the scriptures and gained knowledge to guide us perform rituals. You can purchase these articles without any doubt. Since faith and religion is what helps us bind together in humanity, we lend our hand forward and invite you to explore our pooja items brought to you directly from the land of Rama.

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