Keeping the Legacy of Handloom Sarees Alive

Keeping the Legacy of Handloom Sarees Alive

Handloom sarees are the pride of modern India. They are the perfect blend of tradition, artform, beauty and elegance tightly woven against each other in lengths of handcrafted yarn. These are words that can be used to perhaps describe about 0.1% of a ‘handloom’ saree.

Handloom is a fabric that is woven on a loom that is manually operated by a weaver’s ‘bare hands’. It is the most flawed, imperfect and the most unique piece of art that has a significant place not only in the market but also in the rich culture of India.

The point of Indian handloom lies in adorning a unique pattern that is a result of tremendous skill and the constant persistence of the weaver. There is no other spectacular craftsmanship involved in any woven fabric across the world.

Nevertheless, handloom crafts have been a victim of modernization and machinery. With the advent of powerlooms, synthetic textiles and ‘rapid’ development has put the handloom industry and the lives of thousands of artisans at risk. To the industry, it has been just another disaster yet to blow.

So, what can be done to save this pristine artform, save the industry and potentially the lives of thousands of craftsmen preserving the craft across several generations?

We are delighted to present unique and creative handloom sarees sourced from the most authentic weavers across India. If you are looking for fabulous designer or traditional Handloom sarees from India, head to DesiAuthentic today for an amazing collection of ethnic sarees to suit all occasions.

Collectively with you, we aim to be a part of India’s legacy since time immemorial. Despite its massive decline, we aim to persuade and encourage the skilled artisans to keep the glory of handloom sarees alive.

Desiauthentic Handloom Sarees

Speaking of our own collection, we have a varied list of silks available in our inventory. From Chanderi to Banarasi silks to embroidery, georgette, Chikanari and even Designer sarees, we have a sizable collection of beautiful sarees ready to dazzle up your ensemble any day. For weddings, parties and other special occasions, a stylish Banarasi saree can give you great compliments. For evening wear and other casual events, choose the Chanderi sarees. To carry style and simplicity in the same statement, grab the designer sarees.

All the designs and motifs on our sarees too are inspired from traditional learnings and embroidery forms are woven intricately into the fabric. The rich thread work, zari work and the entire design of the saree is what keeps our sarees apart.

Find our collection of traditional handloom sarees here:

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