Non veg pickles in USA

Non veg pickles in USA

For thousands of years, India has been famous for its cuisine. With a method of cooking that stands out from the rest of the world. Indian food comprises of dense flavors and meat which almost always stands out on the table.

Once an Indian foodie, always an Indian foodie. You just can’t seem to get over the tangy, spicy and dense flavors of Indian food. Perhaps the most healthiest addiction there is, Indian food ends up being a quintessential flavor profile of your palate.

As scrumptious as your Indian food is, cooking it is just a hardship. Cooking Indian food everyday especially if you’re a novice or a busy professional/student can be a nasty amount of work.

Hence the question, - is there a way you can enjoy Indian flavors every single day, without cooking it?

At Desiauthentic we make it possible for you to feast on your favorite meat dishes of India, without the need to cook it every single day. In the form of pickles, we bring to you the flavors of hinterland at your doorstep. Without hassle, you can now store up all your favorite non-veg pickles to continuously enjoy the rich flavors of India, every day.

Pickled in the highest quality, we export a wide selection of delicious, mouth-watering non-veg pickles to either remind you of your motherland or give you a tumultuous experience of the Indian cuisine.

We agree, it is tough to find your favorite non-veg pickle across the globe. What you find may not be of your liking. You may like it spicier, tangier or saltier. However, what you will definitely like is a bit of authenticity. When it comes to pickles, the authenticity that reminds you of homeland takes the home-run. While we don’t claim to make the best-ever non-veg pickle, we promise that we provide you the most authentic non-veg pickles.

Indians settled in the USA, students, and the others exploring Indian food are the frequent buyers from Desiauthentic. We run out of stock soon enough to provide delicate flavors, memories, and spicy heat to non-veg lovers, spicy food lovers and explorers all over the USA.

With a wide range of non-veg pickles, Desiauthentic aims to satisfy all you non-veg lovers and your cravings to the fullest. Mutton, prawn, chicken, fish, crab, you name it. We have a special range of all these non-veg pickles in different bases so that you can choose pickles of your own salivation. Some of our most popular non-veg pickles include ‘Chicken Pickle Boneless’, ‘Prawn Pickle’, ‘Mutton Pickle Boneless’, ‘Gongura Mutton Pickle’, ‘Fish Boneless Pickle’, ‘Chicken Pickle’, ‘Spicy South Indian Chicken Pickle’, ‘Hot and Spicy Chicken Pickle’ and much more.

Cooked in sanitized and hygienic conditions, you can rest assured that you will receive a product that is high-quality, long-lasting, and true to taste. Our non-veg pickles are made from only chosen ingredients that are locally sourced. The recipes that go into making each pickle are each inherited in South Indian families across several generations.

Indulge in the authentic flavors of India with us, at Desiauthentic. Order Non-Veg pickles online in the USA from Desiauthentic. Visit to discover an exclusive range of non-veg pickles and re-kindle your taste-buds.

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