Why Indian snacks are delicious and healthy at the same time

Why Indian snacks are delicious and healthy at the same time

While trying out the continental food items like prawn pie or enjoying American cuisine like deep-dish pizza, appetite for Indian snacks never goes off. Filled with dozens of spices and oil, greasy Indian snacks are something worth craving for. The food has an unmatched level of deliciousness in them that no other regional foods. Slowly but surely Indian cuisine has made its way into all the major cities of the world.

When you think of an Indian snack, what do you think? Hot, spicy, oily, greasy, overwhelming, not good for health? Like many people, you will most likely consider something like that. You will most likely also think mouth-watering, energizing, variety, colorful flavors, a top pick. Whatever picture comes up when somebody makes reference to Indian cooking, one thing that is probably not going to enter your mind is that authentic flavors used in Indian food are actually important for your health.

It does something different with flavors, something very different from what people normally do in the US and the rest of Western culture. And it happens at the molecular level.

While the cuisine has been gaining popularity in the US, many people still haven't tried this food. A little attribute that will, in general, go unnoticed by most and so we figured we would highlight this for the readers. Not just one, but here are  4 reasons why Indian snacks can be good for your health.

  1. Indian food includes maybe the most astonishing exhibit of crisp vegetables and organic products cooked in various ways that help hold their freshness and nutritional values. A lot of cooking forms will in general reason vegetables and nutrients to lose their health benefits but not Indian cooking. In this way, Indian food enables you to make the most of their health benefits in a more charming manner than their original form.
  2. Traditional Indian foods always use fresh ingredients and vegetables and involves the preparation of dishes from scratch, which means no chemicals and a healthier food item in the end. By cooking Indian food in the authentic way you are getting all the nutrients you need and avoiding junk food.
  3. Indian cooking uses spices like green chilies turmeric, ginger, garlic and – which have medicinal and health properties. So when others think of Indian food as spicy, what they don't realize is that these spices involved to make the dishes good for the body and don’t just add taste.
  4. Traditional Indian snacks have carbohydrates, proteins, fats, and fibers, all of which are a necessity for a balanced diet.

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Indian food has so many health benefits because it is prepared with the quality spices. As I am running Indian food restaurant, I feel proud to deliver healthy snacks & recipes to customers. Thanks for sharing the great blog. I appreciate your information.

Taj Tandoori

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