Why Is Pickle Called The Queen Of Indian Cuisine?

Why Is Pickle Called The Queen Of Indian Cuisine?

Pickle is known as the queen of Indian cuisine because no meal is complete without this essential condiment. Every Indian dinner table has a variety of pickle jars that people consume with lunch, dinner, and even breakfast. These pickles add a certain tangy taste to a dish and bring life to a meal. The tradition of Indian pickles goes back several decades, and different regions around the country have their own unique recipes for preparing them. In fact, the recipes of pickles differ from household to household.

Here are the top 5 reasons why pickles are considered to be the queen of Indian cuisine!


  1. They come in a wide variety.

Pickles come in a full range and can be made from vegetables, meat, and even fish. South Indian pickles are mostly non-vegetarian and are made with a number of aromatic spices, herbs, and zesty masalas. Therefore, you will be spoilt for choice as there are literally hundreds of pickles you can choose from according to your taste and preferences.


  1. They delight the taste buds.

Pickles are easily the condiments of choice in India and for an excellent reason. They are tangy, spicy, zesty, and tingle the taste buds in addition to delighting the senses. Even if you have a very ordinary meal for lunch, pairing it with a lemon or prawn pickle can elevate the dish to new heights. In addition to that, its briny deliciousness is loaded with probiotics.


  1. They can be paired with all kinds of dishes.

As mentioned above, you can pair your favorite pickles with all kinds of dishes such as rotis, biryanis, pulao, sandwiches, and even Indian snacks. Pickles promote gut health and help in boosting your immune system. Since they are essentially fermented food items like the Korean kimchi, pickles aid in increasing the gastrointestinal flora, upping your health in a multitude of ways.


  1. They are loaded with antioxidants.

Antioxidants are essential for the body to keep it healthy and fit. As is known, vegetables and fruits contain natural antioxidants. When these food items are pickled, their antioxidant powers are enhanced even further, which means that you get more nutritional benefits from eating pickles. Moreover, the brine or juice of pickle contains immune-boosting and free radical-fighting antioxidants C & E.


  1. They are actually vegetables.

Finally, we come to the most obvious reason of all. Pickles are actually vegetables. Although there are a wide variety of non-vegetarian pickles that you can choose from, pickles made from raw cucumbers, lemons, mangoes, carrots, turnips, etc. go through the process of fermentation and change their nutritional profile for enhanced flavor and health benefits. This is also why they have a longer shelf life.


Final Words

As is evident, pickles definitely deserve the title of the “queen” of Indian cuisine. If you are also a fan of good-quality, homemade pickles, you can buy them at https://www.desiauthentic.com! This online platform provides customers with the tastiest vegetarian and non-vegetarian pickles that will remind you of home.
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