Why Pickles Plays An Important Role in Indian Cuisine

Why Pickle plays an important role in Indian cuisine?

We Indians have a blessing of having a great appétit. The variety of cuisine that Indian has, no country has such a diverse range of cuisine. Although after having such a diverse range of cuisine and dishes, there is a thing that bonds every Indian is Pickle. Starting from Northern Indian to southern Indian and from Eastern Indian to Western Indian there isn't a single person in Indian who doesn't like to have a pickle in their meal. Basically, pickles are used as a side ingredient that acts as an appetizer and it adds up the flavor a lot. In maximum time, for pickle purposes, raw mangoes are being used but it really not like that only mangoes are being used rather carrot, lemons, jack fruit can also be used in making of a pickle.


Why pickles are being so used in India as an appetizer?

  • Pickles has a great history in India, it can be made in dual flavor which is salty and sweet as well. depending upon the taste you like you can make any one of them.
  • There are several fruits and vegetables from which you can make several types of pickles, starting from garlic, cucumber, cauliflower to radish and starting from mango to lemon and amla. These all can be converted into mouth-watering pickles.
  • The process of pickles generally starts from cutting and chopping of and then preparing for the ingredient that needs to be inculcated in that jar of pickles and then finally storing it in a nice place where it can get a sufficient amount of sunlight so that it can cook internally.
  • The main ingredient which needs to be given to the jar of pickle is a sufficient amount of mustard oil and salt. Both of these ingredients act as a preservative and because of these two agents the pickles remain fresh and eatable for many months.
  • The pattern and ingredients of pickle totally depend upon your choice of flavor and accordingly use it as your food appetizer.

Indian Pickle

What’s the benefit of pickles?

Not only home-made pickles, there is a lot of consumption of pickles that’s why there is a whole lot of market in India and also many companies which prepare fresh pickles of every possible fruit and vegetable. The most preferred pickle which is being consumed by a company is mixed vegetable pickles. There are somewhat medicinal benefits also apart from having appetizer quality also. Because of different spices which are being used in the making of pickle generally, have different medicinal qualities. The main benefit which pickle provides is digestive benefits as it is taken as a side ingredient it helps a lot of indigestion. Also because of the preservative which it has can be super anti-bacterial in property and because of that, it can also help in strengthening the immune system stronger. Many different kinds of oils can be used such as sesame oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil which has all different purposes and which adds up to a lot of nutritive quality of the people.

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