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Ayyappa Pooja Set

Ayyappa Pooja Set

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Do you want to wear the Ayyappa Mala?? Are you in doubt about all the products required for your pious journey to meet the lord of 18 steps??  Put all your doubts to rest with our Ayyappa Pooja set. It's complete with all the products required. They include

2 Mtr. Black Dhoti - Made from Cotton.

Black Shalya - made from cotton

Tulasi 108 Beads Gold Cap Plated Mala - made from the Tulasi tree.

Ayyappa dollar - made from pure copper.

cotton Side Bag - made from cotton.

Cotton Erumudi Bag - made from cotton.

Ghee Bag - made from cotton.

Ayyappa photo Laminated - Made from Laminated MDF wood.

Manikanta Chandan 



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