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Trikatu (Shonti, Pippalu, Miryalu) Powder - 200gms

Trikatu (Shonti, Pippalu, Miryalu) Powder - 200gms

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Shonti,Pippali And Miryalu

Trikatu Churna is a simple mixture of three Indian spices. Trikatu Churna is in powder form. It is widely used in Ayurvedic treatments and in Indian household. Trikatu Churna falls both under medicinal herbs and dietary herbs.

Trikatu churna is also known as trikatu choornam, Trikatu choorna, katutraya churna, kadutraya churna etc.

Chruna is a Sanskrit term meaning powder. Trikatu – Tri – means three, katu – herbs that are hot and pungent.  – overall, Triaktu powder is a fine powder mix of three spices.

What is Trikatu churna-Trikatu powder contains three spices in equal proportions? Black pepper – Piper nigrum Long pepper fruit – Piper longum Ginger – Zingiber Officinalis. If these spices are available, the Trikatu powder can be made at home, under hygienic conditions, using a mixer.

Trikatu benefits-
Trikatu is hot in potency. Trikatu is stimulative in nature, good for liver, spleen and pancreas. Trikatu choornam stimulates the stomach to produce enzymes. Hence it helps indigestion. Trikatu is also good for the respiratory system.

Trikatu and liver:
Trikatu is experimentally proven for liver protection activity against liver damage. Its Deepana, Pachana effect (Carminative and digestive) can be understood as, it stimulates the liver to produce enzymes. (Pitta = digestion capacity = digestive enzymes. Trikatu increases Pitta.)
It's one ingredient – Pippali (long pepper) is especially used in treating hepatomegaly and splenomegaly.
Black pepper is an excellent antiviral and antibacterial spice, Hence useful in liver infection.
For this reason, Trikatu is an ingredient of many Ayurvedic medicines targeted for liver disorders. For example:

-used in anemia, chronic liver disorders, hepatomegaly

-used in infectious liver conditions
Other such examples (including, but not limited to) are – Patoladi Churna, Navayasa churna.

which is used for the treatment of anorexia, flatulence, indigestion, and dyspepsia.

Trikatu Ayurveda- Trikatu is a unique herbal combination. When used along with other herbs, Trikatu enhances the bio-availability of active constituents of the co-herbs in the target are of disease. Trikatu is used as an ingredient in many Ayurvedic medicines, Navayasa Lahua, Dashamoolakatutraya kashaya, Ashwagandharishta,

Trikatu Churna dose- 500 mg to 3 grams in divided doses in a day,  preferably after food. Trikatu Churna can be taken along with honey or water. If it is too spicy to taste as such, it can also be added to food and taken along with the food.
In the case of gastritis patients, where Trikatu needs to be administered, it is administered along with Shankha Bhasma.

Trikatu for skin diseases:
Intake of Trikatu along with Harad (Haritaki),  Jaggery and sesame oil for 1 month cures skin diseases.


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