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Gummadikaya Vadiyalu/Ash Gourd Fryums 300g

Gummadikaya Vadiyalu/Ash Gourd Fryums 300g

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The ash gourd is a widely available vegetable in the Indian market. With scarce recipes and tough to prepare directions, the vegetable took refuge in the form of vadiyalu (fryums). The outcome was so flavourful that everyone cherished the taste. It is a unique fritter that is famous all across South India. It is known as ‘gummadikaya’ in Telugu and ‘neer poosanikai’ in Tamil.

Dipped in an urad dal batter and flavored with green chillies and turmeric, they offer a distinct punch to any dish that you pair it with. The ash gourd or ‘gummadikaya’ is also a good source of fiber that is known to improve digestive health. Gummadikaya vadiyalu pair well with dishes that are otherwise not too spicy, such as, mudda pappu (plain dal), bottle gourd curry (aanipkaya koora), curd rice, and so on.

You can use any vegetable oil to deep fry gummadikaya vadiyalu for about 3-5 seconds. Store in an airtight jar once opened.


  • Ash Gourd/Gummadikaya
  • Urad dal
  • Green Chillies
  • Turmeric
  • Salt

Shelf life: 3 months

Weight: 300g


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