Etikoppaka Toys Wooden Lord Venkateshwara with Shanku Chakra


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Etikoppaka is a small village near Vishakhapatnam, Andhra Pradesh. This village is located on the banks of the river Varahi. Etikoppaka toys or Etikoppaka Bommalu are beautiful artifacts made of wood and colored with natural dyes with lacquer colors.

The village has a glorious history where the local zamindars started recognizing the possibility of making splendid and attractive toys much before independence. These are well known for canon toys, lord Ganesha form, and bullock, etc.

The wood used to make the toys is soft in nature and the art of toy making is also known as Turned wood Lacquer craft. While making the Etikoppaka toys, lac, a colorless resinous secretion of numerous insects, is used. The already prepared vegetable dyes are further mixed to the lac, during the process of oxidation. After this process, the end product obtained is rich and colored lacquer. The lac dye is used for decorating Etikoppaka toys, which are exported all over the world.

Product dimensions (L*H): 24*30

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