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First our astrologers and priest services play role in fixing an auspicious time and day as per the horoscope of the house owner.

Importance of day, month and time for house warming:

The position of the Sun plays an important role. It is most auspicious time than any of the days to do Gruha Pravesh as the Sun moves north or Uthirayana i.e. to Capricorn wherein the rays of the Sun falls eastern and in Northern direction.

Important things to be followed:

On the same day of Gruha Pravesh, the owner with spouse and children should stay overnight.

They should not keep the house locked and in the dark as it is considered to bring ill luck.

House warming ceremony should not be performed when the lady of the house is pregnant.

Invite the elders for blessings to be a part of the Gruha Pravesh pooja

Clean entire House, Take Head Bath Dress up like a Hindu tradition

Decorate House with Flowers & Mango leaves and Banana trees

Online Pooja Samagri Kit (19 Items)

1. Haldi-Pasupu – 200gms

2. Meenakshi Kumkum – 100gms

3. Pasupu Kommulu-100gms

4. Betel Nuts – 100gms

5. Dry Karjuram – 100gms

6. Akshathan – 100gms

7. Ganga Jalam (Pavitra Jalam) – 1


8.vasthu mandapa vasthram

9. Navagraha cloth set- 1

10. Angavastram – 1

11. Thread Reel – 1 No

12. Cotton Wicks – 1

13. Kankanam – 2 No

14. Pooja Asanam – 2 No

15. Navadhanyam – Mix 200gms

16. Hand Paper Napkins

17. rangoli powder

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