Health Sutra Health Mix - Pack of 3


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Desiauthentic brings to you Health Sutra that sources millets directly from the farms & uniquely processes them to retain nutrition and taste. Our products help you lead a healthier life in today’s world and fight lifestyle diseases like diabetes, obesity,etc. The wholesome nutrition of Millets is offered in modern & tasty products like Flakes, Biscuits, Diet Namkeen, Idly & Upma Rawa.

Health Mix is a tasty blend of 14 Superfoods. It is a 100% natural & nutritious combination of Millets, Pulses, Seeds, and Nuts with No added Sugar. This mix is rich in Calcium, Protein, Iron and Dietary Fibre to keep your family active & healthy.

Jowar flour, Bajra flour, Ragi flour, Yellow Jowar flour, Sabudana, Ground Nut, Bengal gram, Green gram, Dates, Horse gram, Cashew, Almonds, Flax seeds, Elaichi.

Weight: pack of 3, 300g each

Allergen Advice: This product contains Cashew nuts, Almonds & Groundnuts.


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