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Orange Candy - 300g

Orange Candy - 300g

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Remember the sweet and tangy outburst in your mouth of the narinja mithai/orange candy! Revive your childhood memories and treat yourself with the sweet and citrus flavor candy.

A trip down memory lane is sucking on the iconic orange candies laced in powdered sugar. The sweet, tangy, and sour goodies ruled our childhood. Today, the thought of it makes us feel like a hundred grand. One taste of it and we will feel like we have hit the jackpot. Among the many things that the 90s kids treasured, the orange candy always takes home the top spot. You can pile up these miniature candies wherever you like. Feel like sweet? Get your sugar rush from these tempting candies instead of sticky chocolate bars. Store a handful in your car, office bag, or your desk. Put one in your mouth and one two three… you will smile like a kid again.

Made with boiled sugar and orange flavoring, it tastes sweet, sour, and tangy with a one-of-a-kind texture while making it a three-in-one sweet to serve whenever you like. There’s so much packed in these orange candies that it may overwhelm you. If you think you are ready, load up with the finest orange candies ready to take you into your childhood. That much-required sugar rush is now sorted.

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