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Indian sweets are an undeniable part of the culture and traditions of the country. They are scrumptious, sugary delights that are the perfect accompaniment to hungry evenings. If you have an extremely sweet tooth and have been craving for something sweet, a Kaja is a perfect dessert to please your senses.

People who are experienced cooks can easily make the Kaja, but it can be pretty challenging for those who have never cooked it before. Our sellers are professionals and have years of experience under their belts of making the Pedda Kaja. This flaky pastry-like dessert that is dipped into generous amounts of sugary syrup is just what you need after a savory meal.

Kaja is a traditional Andhra dessert with a crispy outer layer that resembles a ribbon ball. This dessert is adored by adults as well as kids. All enjoy this mouth-watering sweet delicacy in Andhra Pradesh and even in some North Indian states. Since this is a layered sweet, it can also be called the Indian Baklava.

You can now buy the famous Pedda Kaja from DesiAuthentic, just as your mom makes it. We make it in a traditional manner so that every single bite of this delicacy melts in your mouth. This ribbon roll dessert is extremely palatable and yummy that will make you thank your ancestors for their ingenuity with every taste. So, add it to the cart and buy it from our website at DesiAuthentic right now!

Weight: 1kg & 500g

Quantity: 20-22 pcs per Kg.

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