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You can simply not dispute the fact that spice adds a lot of excitement to an otherwise bland life. Ensuring a spicy and tangy addition to your daily meals is the best way to uplift your mood and get the much-needed energy to go about your daily activities. Moreover, it adds a very interesting flavor profile to the food. That said, it is not always possible to cook food at home, and that is precisely why DesiAuthentic comes to your rescue!

We offer Andhra-style Prawn pickle that will please your taste buds. This pickle with freshly cooked prawns is a healthier and tastier option if you adore seafood. When you get bored with poultry or red meat, seafood offers a lot to keep you interested. It is no secret that prawns are incredibly beneficial for our health, and they are packed with Vitamin B12. Moreover, they help in building muscles by providing high nutritional value.

So, what better way to liven up your food than taking pleasure in and relishing spicy condiments without any added guilt! Buy our high quality and homemade prawn pickle to relive your childhood days and get a taste of the times gone by. We promise they are every bit as good as when your grandmother used to make them for you!

Want to regain all those childhood memories? Buy this prawn pickle that has been lovingly marinated with Indian spices and fried to perfection!

Pickle tastes good with Rice, Roti, Dosa, Idly, etc…


Pre-cooked and deep-fried prawns; Ginger; Turmeric Powder; Chilli Powder; Salt; Olive/Sun Flower Oil; Garlic; Masala powders; Coriander powder; Gasagasalu (Poppy Seeds).

Weight: 1kg

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