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Special Palakova Indian Sweets

Special Palakova Indian Sweets

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Paalakova is a milk sweet which is enriched with pure milk in a thick manner without mixing a single drop of water. The only sweet which is added to it is a quantity of sugar into the milk. It is an eggless milk recipe. Some make it with a rough texture, some smooth, some white and some brownish (color changes when milk is simmered for long). 

The white revolution is said to have sparked off the large-scale production of palakova in the town, which was originally made with the surplus milk. The preparation of palakova is an endeavor of patience. Milk, freshly churned from dairy farms around the town, is boiled over firewood stoves, which are fed with cashew nutshells. The milk is simmered for over an hour, with caution taken to ensure it does not singe the vessel. As it begins to solidify, sugar is added and stirred, till the sweet reaches a semi-solid state. It is cooled, packed and sent off to be tasted.

Shelf Life: 15 days

24-25 pcs approx per kg


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