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Plain Papad 500g

Plain Papad 500g

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Crispy and tasty papad/appadam an ideal accompaniment to the traditional Indian meal. 

Speaking about Indian side dishes, the plain papad is the holy grail. Offering the perfect crisp, the papad is notorious for transforming a dish from mediocre to exceptional. Papads are also known as ‘poppadoms’ or ‘pappadalu’, based on region. Made with urad dal and spiced delicately, they appreciate the taste buds of everyone.

Being a low calorie, gluten-free, high fibre accompaniment to your main dishes, papads check all the right boxes. With generous amounts of asafoetida, it is also good for your gut after a heavy meal. Pair it with any savoury dish or even some sweets. If you fancy, eat it with your favourite dip. Whatever you choose to do, it is one hell of food that you can relish to the fullest.

You can use any vegetable oil to deep fry plain papad for about 3-5 seconds. Store in an airtight jar once opened.


  • Urad Dal
  • Rice Flour
  • Asafoetida
  • Salt
  • Edible Oil

Shelf Life: 3 months

Weight: 500g




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